A simple yes and no permissive style of training does wonders for resetting our dogs mindset. I believe training tools such as E-collars, prong collars, slip leads and pet convincers help in providing clear yes and no communication. They also make a huge difference in the owners confidence.

So much of dog training is about the success that the owners feel when they are finally able to communicate with their dogs.

I love pairing food with the tools to help motivate and add fun to training. I always start out making training a fun game that dogs learn to play willingly with lots of rewards. They learn that winning feels good and it’s a team effort that brings these feelings out.

When introducing dogs to a prong collar or Ecollar, I use food as my motivator and I teach dogs how to turn the pressure off to get their rewards. There are multiple rewards being given in these moments, first the pressure is being taken away, second they are receiving food, and third they get verbal and physical praise. Teaching dogs the language of the tools helps us communicate and work together for the greater goal of living a healthy and happy life together.

I use both tools together to give dogs multiple options of communication and help when they feel stuck or unsure of what we want them to do. Prong collars look harmful but they are the safest tool to walk dogs on because they divide the pressure up into multiple points on the neck, don’t allow pulling when it’s sized and taught correctly and it helps give direction when they need help in stressful situations where they normally make unsafe decisions.

On the e-collar, it’s not set up low medium or high, it’s 1-100. We have low levels to train with that are not uncomfortable for the dogs. I like the E-Collar Technologies brand E-Collar they are my favorite for this very reason. I always find dogs lowest perception level to train with, over time they become ready to understand higher numbers so we can communicate with them in all situations of life. Most people want a dog they can take off leash without worrying about them not coming back or not listening to direction. Ecollars when taught correctly, give us this ability to communicate up to half a mile away.

These training tools get bad reputations when people use them without understanding how they actually work. The goal is not to use them for punishment to stop all behaviors right away, the goal is to use them to teach as much as possible with the option of punishment if needed. Every creature comes into this world needing guidance and grace first but over time we do need consequences for bad decisions so we can have a better understanding of how to make the right decision next time.