Each package includes an E-collar from E-collar technologies and a Herm Springer prong collar.

These are the tools that help provide clear communication after our dogs are taught the commands fairly and a solid bond has been created.



4-Week Mindset Reset Board & Train

This service includes:

- Crate anxiety
-Leash reactivity
-Counter surfing
-Reliable Obedience
-Resource Guarding
-Dog aggression
-Calming fearful and nervous dogs
-Ecollar training for off leash reliability

By bringing your dog to live at my house, you are setting your dog up with all the foundations, structures and accountability for their behaviors. By spending 4 weeks with me, your dog and I will be able to build a relationship based on trust, respect and fun so when I ask them to choose the right behavior over the unwanted behavior, they will trust that I’m not steering them wrong and be willing to listen. When they return home, all the foundation and new association work has been taken care of and owners can easily create the same relationship and trust that I did with their dogs. An instructional packet will be sent to you at your dogs drop off. This will help clarify any questions about how life will look once your dog is home. There will also be an in home session scheduled for two weeks after your dogs returns home.

Investment:  $2,000.00
*for dogs with dog aggression they must be muzzle trained first and may need an extra week depending on how the dog progresses through the program.


One-Day Training and My New Prong Collar Technique

Two hour one on one session: this will cover leash communication, basic obedience, mindset work, home structuring, and learning to be calm. A prong collar is included for easier handling. I threw out the old school way of using this tool and now show owners how to use it as help for the dogs.

Investment: $250 


Four-Day Training

Two hour one on one session for 4 days: this will cover basics leash work and obedience, we will work through more tough issues such as reactivity on walks, nervous and fear based issues, minor crate anxiety and home issues. I like to schedule it so you have two days of training, then a week or two until I come back. This gives plenty of time for practice. The next two sessions we will trouble shoot any difficulties you are having and then layer the ecollar over what’s been taught to help create reliability in the commands and transition to off leash life.

Investment: $800


In-Home Puppy Sessions

For puppies under 5 months I do in home sessions to help set up basic structure, teach you how to train obedience and leash skills and also crate training. This is a crucial bonding moment with your new pup so I also want to help owners understand dogs and how they think.

Investment: $250

What Past Clients Are Saying. . .


Amanda was wonderful with my two pups. I have a boxer and English shepherd who both have high energy, anxiety and destructive tendencies. she helped work with my pups and me to create a calmer and more structured environment for them. I was apprehensive using the e-collar and prong collar, but after receiving the knowledge and training on how to use them properly and seeing the positive results, I do highly recommend Amanda and her training process.


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