A Free + Balanced Relationship With Your Pet Is Within Reach



K9 Training Services

Each package includes the training tools that help provide correct communication with your dog so you can strengthen your bond and quality of life.


Two-Day Training

Two hour one on one session for two days

Five-Day Training

Two hour one on one session for 5 days


3-Week Mindset Reset

3 weeks of boarding and training


About Free + Balanced
K9 Training


At free and Balanced K9 Training, we aim to create a fun, loving and trusting relationship between dogs and their owners. Using a foundational training method that resets the dogs mindset and teaches them how they fit into the human world, owners are able to live a better life with their dogs. Every dog is an individual and should be taught and lived with as one. As I go through the foundations, I am able to see the dog in front of me as they truly are and from there we can build them up and bring out the best in them. Then the real magic in the dogs transformation comes from transferring all the training onto the owners and setting them up for success.



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